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Rosie J. (RJ) Potter

     Rosie J. Potter is a Southern gal with a penchant for adventure. She's been weaving stories, singing songs and dreaming of magical places ever since she can remember. She currently resides in East Tennessee with her partner and their eight cats. While she enjoys her fulltime day job, paying the bills as a best-selling author is her dream. And by bills, she means supporting the cats. 


Meet the furbabies

 Evy is our 15-year-old HBIC. She needs to have things her way. She's a total momma's girl and only tolerates everyone else. 

The first thing Rosie gave her when she showed up starving on her doorstep in 2009 was cheese. Evy loves cheese to this day. 

She recently had to have five teeth removed, but now that she's feeling better, she's even more spry than she was before!


The Pirate Trio

After losing our beloved house panther Lyra Bagheera in 2020, we decided to adopt another cat. We found a boy house panther named Sir Francis on an adoption website, but quickly discovered that he had a brother--Captain Morgan--and a sister--Anne Bonny. When we went to meet them, we realized they were bonded, and we didn't want to separate them! We adopted them together as a bonded trio of 4-month old kittens. They're delightful furbabies who have their own personalities. Morgan and Francis are inseparable. Annie grew into her tortitude and now hates pretty much everyone except her daddy.


Big Momma and Little Butt

Big Momma (Lana) and Little Butt (Maria) were barn cats, in the sense that Momma took up in the barn behind our house the summer of 2021 and had kittens. We managed to trap her and the kittens with plans to take them to a TNR (Trap Neuter Release) program. Well, we took four cats to the TNR and came back with two, because the kittens were so fluffy and adorable the other two were adopted!

We put them in a kennel in the basement, because LB had a nasty bot fly larvae removed from her neck. We didn't want her to get infected. It seems that they never left! Instead of getting adopted by someone else (which we tried) or going back outside, they moved upstairs. I can't imagine it any other way, honestly. That put us at seven cats at the time (RIP Steve-March 2022), but it's been worth it. 

Big Momma is such a silly girl, you'd think she was the daughter. She spends most of her days fluffy belly towards the sky. LB has THE FLUFFIEST tail I've ever seen on a cat. They're both big cats, and we suspect some Maine Coon in their genetics somewhere. They're such a delight!

Lilith and BDub

Fast forward to summer of 2023, and we get this beautiful tortie who is as feral as can be and has taken up residence in our barn again and had her litter of kittens. 

After a few weeks of courting, and Lilith moving her kittens to my aunt's abandoned and falling apart house across the street, we finally are able to trap them a couple weeks before their spay/neuter appointment with a local low-cost facility. 

It was a nightmare at times because Lilith was so wild. We kenneled them in the basement again, to keep them away from our six cats upstairs until we could get them all checked out. But because there were five in all, we had to fix the kennels together to make a bigger space for them. But they kept figuring out how to get out! And let me tell you, a wild momma free in the basement was not a good time. She said we weren't fooling her a second time!


After months of working with her, and finding homes for three of the kittens, we were finally able to integrate Lilith and Bdub into the Kitty Krewe upstairs. 

Lilith has some stress issues that cause cystitis, but for the most part, she's a loving baby now. She's never been aggressive for a feral, just skittish. But lots of Feliway and kitty CBD has helped a lot!

And if you want to know how BDub got his name, when we first brought the kittens inside there was a grey tabby, an orange tabby, a tortie kitten, and a tux. We didn't want to name them so we were calling them by their colors. The tux ended up being Black/White, which got shortened to B. W. which ended up being BDub. He stayed. It stuck. And here we are. 

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