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A chat with Carissa Andrews on the Author Revolution Podcast

Hi, friends!

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down to talk with Carissa Andrews on her Author Revolution podcast this month about National Novel Writing Month, and my role as a Municipal Liaison (ML), which is a fancy way of saying community organizer.

NaNoWriMo has been a huge part of my life for over a decade, so much so that I volunteer for the organization as an ML and have for eight years! Carissa and I connected on LinkedIn, of all places, and I was delighted when she asked if I'd like to come on her podcast to chat about what I do as a Municipal Liaison and my personal NaNoWriMo and writing journey.

Carissa is doing some really amazing things for writers over at Author Revolution. She's personally inspired me to become less passive with my writing journey and really go for it! I already had some things in the works with this new website and blog, but connecting with Carissa really amped up my motivation.

I'll post links to different ways you can listen to the podcast. Please check out Carissa's books and the other great interviews and podcasts she has to offer on her website and also over on YouTube.


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