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Listed in order of completeness

Listed in order of completeness

A collage of pictures featuring an Artist and a football player

A Bid on Love is a spicy, slow burn, opposites attract contemporary sports romance in which an artist--who hates sportsballers on principal--ends up on a date with a pro-QB through a turn of events that involve her well-meaning matchmaker grandma. 

ABOL is about 60% drafted with a projected release date of late January 2025.

Link || Excerpt

Phoenix Rising follows Elizabeth, a late-20s woman who is oblivious to her mythical phoenix heritage until the evil sorcerer Kalais comes looking for phoenix blood for his immortality spell after using up his supply. Liz takes to the Appalachian Mountains as she tries to stay alive and discovers a world of supernatural beings she never knew existed. 

A collage of pictures with vibes for Phoenix Rising including fire and a vampire

Phoenix Rising is fully drafted but will be entering revisions in hopes of querying by late Fall 2024.

Link || Excerpt

This Untitled High Fantasy WIP is probably going to be my decade-long passion project. It was inspired by my favorite video game Bloodborne.

Helem and her twin Harith live in a world overrun by eldritch horrors. Helem discovers an amulet in the belly of a beast that yanks her away into a parallel dimension, overrun by the same beasts. 

This WIP has about 70k drafted, but it will likely be a trilogy and is way on the backburner right now, but I can't wait to get back to it one day. 

Check out these blog posts to read more about this WIP, including an excerpt.

Link || Excerpt

A collage of pics with vibes for this project including a woman in the woods with a bow and arrow and clawmarks

Other Projects

AliasAlias is near and dear to my heart because it's the first manuscript I ever wrote The End on. It's a spy thriller I finished in 2012. Looking back at it now, I see that I have two pieces of two books that would be part of a trilogy instead of one book. One day, I will rewrite this book. 


ChefWIP - ChefWip is in planning mode. It will be Book 2 in the interconnected but standalone series that will come after A Bid on Love. What I can tell you is there will be a hot, tattooed, Southern chef and a ton of yummy food.

Tinsley Falls 2 & 3 - I intend for there to be at least two more books set in Tinsley Falls, the home of The Tinsel Twist. Gemma will get a sapphic romance and Tyler will get a single dad romance. Stay tuned as these are still in dream mode.  

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