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Meet Rose

     Rosie J. Potter is a Southern gal with a penchant for adventure. She's been weaving stories, singing songs and dreaming of magical places ever since she can remember. She currently resides in East Tennessee with her partner and their eight cats. 

Rose + Clawdia headshot with blue sparkly background

     In 2023, Rose penned two spicy contemporary romance novels as a ghostwriter that were published on Amazon by her client. In 2024, Rose has been a mentor to romance writers in the 10-month Pen to Paper program, mod for We Write At Dawn, The Indie Resource, and The Love Club discord servers, and will appear as an author/writing guest at Multiverse Con in Atlanta in October.

     Clawdia Scribbles, the illustrious caticorn, has

become a staple of Rose's brand. When Rose brought

Clawdia home on an impulse from a gaming store, she

never expected Clawdia to grow into her own little thing.

Clawdia goes to all the Cons, has her own emotes and

merch, and is the mascot for the positive vibes and warm

fuzzies that Rose hopes you'll find in her work. Clawdia also has a little something up her sleeve that will be coming soon. ​

purple sparkly background with words Clawdia Scribbles at the top and a pic of an iridescent caticorn holding a book & pencil

Contact Rose

Want to collaborate? Rose loves to talk writing and romance.

Contact her if you'd like to have her appear on your podcast, stream, newsletter, meeting, panel or other fun venture!

Contact Rose

Why Rosie's Reverie?

While this website is heavily focused on writing, Rose has many creative interests that may be featured from time to time. She's a classically trained musician who has performed in many places including Carnegie Hall and St. Peter's Basilica at The Vatican, an actor who has been in multiple musicals and plays, and a hoop dancer who once placed second in an international hoop dancing competition called Hooping Idol. Rosie's Reverie gives her a place to explore multiple creative paths. 

Also, she's a dreamer and her daydreams keep her going. Here she can share them with you.


Welcome to Rosie's Reverie. 

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