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Excerpt from Alias

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

While I was searching my WiPs for lines for #LoveLines on Twitter today, I came across this scene I forgot I added to my WiP Alias. This is still very rough, but one of my favorite added scenes from rewrite attempts thus far.  A brief set-up, Jane is undercover investigating Malcolm. Malcolm knows her as Emerald. 


Not wanting to start a brawl, Jane scanned the gym and found what she was looking for: a row of punching bags. Much to her relief, no one was over there.  She wrapped her hands, grabbed some gloves and started pounding her frustrations into the bag.  

Sweaty, chest heaving and muscles throbbing, Jane leaned her head against the bag to catch her breath sometime later.  Her frustrations had not dissipated, but she’d at least sweated some of the tequila out.  Tequila made her angry.  She was still angry, but the fire was at a low burn now instead of a raging inferno.  

A hand fell on her shoulder.  With lightning-fast precision, Jane spun around and put her would-be assailant on the floor with his arm twisted behind his back.

“Remind me to stay on your good side.”  Malcolm grinned.

“Oh my god.  Malcolm. I’m so sorry.”  Jane jumped back in horror.  

“It’s fine. That’s why I hired you.”  

Jane stood up, pulled off a glove and offered him a hand up.  Malcolm took it, but pulled the oldest trick in the book and kicked her legs out from under her, pitching her back onto the mats beside him.  She should’ve seen it coming, but didn’t expect it from him. He lunged forward, and they went rolling across the mat together as Jane fought to gain control.  The terrifying thought struck her that Malcolm followed her to the meeting with Landon and was onto her, making this not just a sparring match. With renewed urgency, Jane put Malcolm on his back, straddling him with his arms held down above his head.

“We really should save this for the bedroom, Emerald.”  

Jane spared a glance in the mirror and saw the curious eyes of the other gym occupants watching their tryst.  

Malcolm did not lack skill in hand to hand combat.  That second was all he needed to flip the tables on her and pin her down on her stomach with an arm on the back of her neck, squishing her face against the ground.  Large fingers covered her mouth, rendering her speechless. His breath hit hot on her neck, sending goosebumps across her flesh, and his lips hovered only millimeters from her ear.  The weight of his body on top of hers dredged up flashbacks from the night before.  They stampeded into her head. She wanted him to rip her clothes off and fuck her from behind right there on the sweat-laden mats. She didn’t care if there was an audience or not.  

“How are you going to get out of this one?”  He whispered in her ear.  

That was a good question.  Malcolm had her in quite the bind.  As far as sparring partners went, Landon was the only one who rivaled him in strength.  Jane found herself at a disadvantage.  She could get out of it, but not without making him bleed.  Malcolm spread his fingers across her lips to give her some ability to answer.  

“I don’t want your constituents to see me take you.”  Jane taunted, as she opted to suck his fingers into her mouth and graze her teeth across them instead of biting down like she would have in a real fight.  

“You play dirty.” Malcolm pulled his weight back from her some but kept her arms pinned.  “Do you give up yet?”  

A throat cleared somewhere behind them. “Malcolm,” Damon’s voice. “there’s a phone call I believe you’ll want to take.”  Jane saw his reflection holding out a satellite phone in the mirror.  “It won’t wait.”  He added after surveying the situation.  

“We’ll pick this back up later. Business calls.”  Malcolm released her and helped her to her feet. He grabbed a small gym towel, wiped his face and then tucked the towel into the front band of his pants, letting it dangle over his crotch, with a wink in her direction, before taking the phone from Damon.

Jane watched him as he walked out of the gym.  Retrieving her gloves, she fixed the wraps on her hands and went back to beating out her frustrations, which had since multiplied.


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