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#Bloganuary: Day 9 - Memorable Gift

There's one thing that pops into my brain when I think about memorable gifts.

I've received a lot of awesome gifts over the years. Some tangible. Some intangible. Some handmade, some bought.

I love the gift of an experience though. Making memories with people you care about. Exploring. Discovering new things. That makes a memorable gift for me.

In 2020, right before the world shut down, my partner bought us tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway! He'd never been to NYC before. I'd been a couple times. But he knew I was obsessed with Hamilton. We'd only been dating a few months when he surprised me with the tickets. I think he was secretly trying to make sure I'd stay with him for a few more months, LOL. But it was a super sweet gesture because he knew how much I love the show and how hard it was to come by tickets. I was a little mad at him for spending SO MUCH MONEY on tickets (but honestly, it was cheaper to see it in NYC than trying to get traveling show tickets at the time.) I helped pay for the plane tickets and the hotel.

It was such an amazing experience! We went right at the end of January 2020. There were whispers of Covid abroad and what its impact might be to the US. Little did we know, only a month later, Broadway would shut its doors for a year and a half. We felt very fortunate to see it when we did.

While we were there we also went to see STOMP on a whim. I just found out that STOMP closed their 29-year off-Broadway run, which is insane! So getting to see STOMP at that time, in retrospect, was a great part of that gift as well.

Tell me about one of your most memorable gifts!

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