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#Bloganuary: Day 7 - Rain

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Today’s prompt was “Write a short story or poems about rain.“

Well, I decided to write a poem. It’s been a while since I’ve stretched my poetic muscles.

Is it about rain per se?

Not entirely But it has a lot of allusions to rain/water/storm/flood, etc .

Hope you enjoy!


The sweetest kiss.

Perfect bliss.

Standing in the rain.

Pitter. Patter.

Splish and splatter

against our tangled frames.

Time spent apart

fuels the spark.

Thunder cracks and rolls.

The levee breaks.

It quells the ache.

A deluge in our souls.

Rapt. Tête-à-tête.

A lover’s duet.

Drenched down to the bone.

This joyful spate

Of love. And fate.

I know I am home…


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