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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Some of the last six years have been dark. 

To the point that it nearly drove us apart. 

To the point of snap or bounce back. 

The choice? 

The latter. 

Strained bonds stronger. 

Even though the path is unclear, 

hand in hand, we venture into another year, 

bound to be brighter than the one before. 

Bound to bring us so much more. 

And although I can’t promise you forever 

(because who needs forever anyways?), 

I can promise you this. 

I will love you, unfairly. 

I will love you, when it hurts. 

At the end of my rope, with bleeding palms, I will hang on until you reach for me. 

I will love you in the good times, sure…

but we won’t get far with pretty flowers and candy hearts. 

It takes rock bottom. 

It takes scars. 

Love is not easy. 

Love is not kind. 

At least not all of the time. 

But when it is, it’s worth it. 

Getting through the past. 

Getting through the muck. 

I will love you unconditionally. 

I will love you when it feels good. 

And I will bring you back from the end of your rope, 

carry you if I must, because you are worth it. 

To the one who knows my heart. 

Who sees my soul like no one else can. 

I love you for everything you are. 

Sin rima o razón. 

Con todo mi corazón.


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